IOC Journal Edition: Highlights

Mon 12/07/15   15:33  in  integer

I’m excited to announce the publication of the journal version of “Understanding Integer Overflow in C/C++” [1], appearing in TOSEM Volume 25 Issue 1 [2]. This is an updated and expanded version of our ICSE12 paper [3] of the same name. The longer journal format enabled a more thorough treatment of the subject, and we did our best to take advantage of that opportunity.

Thanks to my co-authors for all their efforts, and especially for seeing this work through to the end. It’s been a long run and you guys are great.


  • Automated large-scale study of overflows in top 10,000 Debian packages (§6)
  • More thorough discussion and explanation of integer behavior, including implementation-defined behavior and usual arithmetic conversions (§§ 2, 3.1, 3.2)
  • Implementing recoverable checks efficiently: experience and two new optimizations (§4.4)
  • Deployment experiences and resulting improvements useful for anyone making compiler-based tools for the real world (§5).

The Debian experiment was particularly fun and had many interesting results. Full results are available on request, and we provide a complete version of selected results presented in Table VI [4] online.

Available Now

Paper is available online [1] (via the ACM digital library) for your reading pleasure.

Let me know if you’d like to discuss our findings or any part of the paper. Enjoy!

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