Kernel hacking: My very own BSOD

Tue 09/24/13   15:58  in  technical

While working on hacking the FreeBSD kernel for a research project, I of course have crashed things many times. Hooray for VM’s.

However, this latest time I’ve managed to really mess things up. Instead of some esoteric message in the logs, the result was the following being written to the console:

nonsense kernel console output

Nonsense Kernel console output

Hopefully those of you who’ve hacked on kernels previously will appreciate the “wut” moment you get when your screen looks like this instead of acting as expected :).

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Bootswatch Theme Selector

Sun 08/25/13   21:54  in  technical

Despite my passion for light-on-dark themes, not everyone finds them as readable and enjoyable as I do. To address these concerns I investigated what it would take to add a drop-down to this website to enable dynamic selection of themes by the user.

bootswatch theme dropdown

Bootswatch Theme Dropdown

The relevant code is given, but for those interested in a complete example take a look at the website github.

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Easy Website Tuning

Sun 08/25/13   20:12  in  technical

Having recently moved to Pelican, I found myself interested in seeing how I could coerce my server (runing Apache) into taking proper advantage of the bulk of the website being static.

There’s lots of information on the subject out there, but below I describe the few easy changes I made to greatly improve performance of my website.

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Bye, Bye, Buick

Mon 08/19/13   15:12  in  personal

Today finally got rid of my old ‘89 Buick Century, sold off for parts.

Memorial post to my first and well-loved car follows.

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Undefined Behavior in Binutils Causes Segfault

Mon 08/19/13   14:24  in  integer

As reported on the binutils bugzilla.

No response yet, but should be easy to fix.

Details follow (same as in bug report but easier to read).

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