Bye, Bye, Buick

Mon 08/19/13   15:12  in  personal

Today finally got rid of my old ‘89 Buick Century, sold off for parts.

Memorial post to my first and well-loved car follows.

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Undefined Behavior in Binutils Causes Segfault

Mon 08/19/13   14:24  in  integer

As reported on the binutils bugzilla.

No response yet, but should be easy to fix.

Details follow (same as in bug report but easier to read).

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Analysis of Integer Error in Latest wget

Mon 08/19/13   14:03  in  integer

Here’s another integer error found by our research that occurs in wget 1.14 (latest at time of writing) in the --version output.

This has been reported and fixed upstream, coming soon to a wget near you!

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Several curl Globbing Bugs Reported, Fixed

Mon 08/19/13   10:00  in  integer

I recently discovered a slew of bugs in curl, which occur in all versions I have access to, including latest release at time of writing (7.32.0) and goes back to at least 7.19.7.

One of the bugs can be used to crash curl or systems using curl via exec (not libcurl), the others cause strange or incorrect behavior.

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New Website

Mon 08/19/13   09:00  in  personal

Obligatory post announcing new website: changes, lessons, and a chance to give the new site a spin.

Maybe I’ll stick with the whole blog thing this time around :).

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